Monday, May 07, 2007

Coming attractions

Late last week I got to take a business-related trip out to Ellis Island.

You know, I AM standing on an old fort.  I still take my job seriously.
Got some great pictures to share with everyone during the week. In the late evenings, I will try to put them up, so that in the morning you will have the fresh content that discerning viewers require in today's hustle-bustle, fax-and-calculator world.

ALSO - I hear tell that SiteMeter permits certain unsavory cookies. I am somewhat late to the knowledge, but grateful, and so a wing-tip to fellow Futurama fan Johnny Bacardi for the information. (And to answer your question: I've heard early Rod Stewart, and it just makes me madder at what he's become. He sings worse than I do now.) As a result, I'd like to officially thank the 22,408 of you who visited in the past 21 months. Today begins a new era - the StatCounter Era.

(PPS - JB is also a hockey fan. 'Tis a Batman/Superman Adventures lass in a Flames sweater, so be a good red-blooded male and click it.)

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