Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Okay, so they're not whores...

....because they're giving it away.

Not many years ago if someone wanted to find out what was in the newspaper they had to buy one. But not anymore. Now you can just go to the newspaper's Web site and get that same information for free.

The newspaper industry wonders why it is losing young readers. Those readers might be young, but many of them are smart, not to mention computer-savvy. Why would they buy a newspaper when they can get the same information online for free?

Newspapers initially created their Web sites with the best of intentions. After all, newspapers are in the information business. And rather than fight the new medium, the Internet, why not embrace it? Wanting to be the leading information providers and thereby have the most popular Web site in the community, they posted all of their news online for free.

My local fishwrap, the Tampa Tribune, recently canned 70 people and offered to deliver the paper to me for $4 a month. That's not enough to pay the guy to deliver it. The Trib has local columnists who make no bones about their hatred of evangelical Christians. And their website makes it easier for me not to contribute to their salaries.

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