Friday, May 25, 2007

Instant karma got him

It's 450 tons of poetic justice.

A man tried to kill his girlfriend Monday by parking their car in front of a speeding Metrolink commuter train, but instead died when debris from the crash struck him after he had been ejected from the car, police said.
His girlfriend, who was in the car when the train slammed into the vehicle's passenger side, was seriously injured but is expected to survive.

The email alert I got today stated that the debris was, in fact, the man's own vehicle flattening him as he tried to flee. Police may find out more from the woman once she recovers - and I certainly hope she does so soon.

One is tempted to say, good riddance - but that's not how the psychology works. There's going to be a good part of her that needs to mourn his death. Then there may be a small part of her that feels guilty that they were arguing just before he did this. It's a bad situation all around. God bless her.

And guys? If you have to pull over and take a walk, do it in a parking lot, not in a railroad crossing:

Denise Tyrell, a Metrolink spokeswoman, said its trains in that area go through crossings at up to 79 mph. ... "It is very rare for you to survive being hit by a train in your car," she said. "A train is massive — 450 tons. Your car is to a train what a soda can is to your car."

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