Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Near the street where I live

Tracey asks, I answer - because actual content is too-oo-oo harrrrd...

1) What is/are the major grocery store(s) and which one do you like? Why, please?
Around here, it's ShopRite, PathMark, Foodtown, Acme, and Stop n' Shop. The local SnS has the best produce, Acme has great sales, and the rest are just there. SR and PM have that annoying capital with no space in the name (minus points). Oh, and we also have A & P, which was my regular shopping choice for years until I moved too far off.

2) Do you have Target stores?
I loves me my Target. We have three I visit commonly, one near my job and two in Ladybug's general area. Tons better than the WalMarts (grrrrr on annoying capital with no space) - they are less well-kept, and thus feel cheaper and tacky.

3) How many Starbucks have you personally visited (guesstimates okay) and will you blow them up for me?
Honestly, I'm a Dunkin's guy. Have gone to a few Starbucks, mostly in bookstores or on long road trips.

4) Do you have Ikea stores?
Exit 13-A, New Jersey Turnpike. A big ol' mooma jooma of a store. I'm not a fan. Minus points - my old hockey league played in a place called RexPlex, across the parking lot, until about two years ago, when we got padlocked. (I wouldn't call the number anymore, btw.)

5) What is the price of gas right now?
$2.75 per gallon is the leader in the clubhouse. I've seen as much as $2.99, but that's at the crazy station that is always a dime higher than everywhere else.

6) What is a popular chain restaurant, what kind of food do they serve, and do you go there?
We have them all here in Central NJ - Chili's, Applebee's, On the Border, Bennigan's, Pizzeria Uno, Longhorn Steakhouse, Olive Garden, Johnny Carino's, Macaroni Grill... I've probably even missed a few. Chili's is my favorite of the list (hence first), and Applebee's is probably last, for two reasons - first, Pepsi products; and second, the "no medium-rare" rule.

7) If you don’t have professional sports teams, what city’s teams are geographically closest to you and do you root for them?
We have the Nets (basketball) and Devils (hockey); and in football, the Giants and Jets, though named elsewhere, are geographically in the swamps of Jersey. There are also a host of minor league teams in the four majors, and even pro soccer in shouting distance - the Red Bulls.

The Spider, who is from South Jersey, would list all the Philly teams, because it's really a different state down there. And north of here, you get a lot of Rangers (hockey) fans to mix with the baseballers who prefer the Yankees or Mets. New Jersey is pretty conflicted.

8) Do you see lots of 20-somethings wearing pajama bottoms as pants, you know, in public?
You know, here and there now that I think about it.

9) Do you have a neighborhood that is known as the gay neighborhood? What is it called?
Asbury Park, NJ, has a large gay population that has been rejuvenating the town where all else have failed. New Hope, PA (60-75 minutes off) is also gay-friendly. In nearby Philadelphia they have something they call the "gayborhood," and have even put up discrete rainbow signs to help people locate it. We don't have clever nicknames here, though.

10) What is the latest thing that everyone is talking about?
The plot to carry out a suicidal assault on Fort Dix, NJ. At least they were actually targeting soldiers and not civilians. I'm much more fearful that the next plot will center around a mall or something.

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