Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tagged again

A movie deal this time, from Joel. The deal is, pick ten favorite movies, write down the top five "plot keywords" for each movie (according to IMDB), and see who can guess those ten movies.

I'd pick different keys for a lot of these, I'll have you know. Oh, and these are simply ten of my faves, since we've established previously that I have difficulty winnowing the field - in no particular order.

  1. 1. Tony Award Source, Ethics, Historical, Nobility, Political - pretty good. We're off to a fine start.
  2. 2. No Opening Credits, Junkyard, Human-Android Relationship, Government Agent, Tragic Hero - WHAT??!?? "No Opening Credits" is a keyword? And "Human-Android Relationship" sounds like Leisure Suit Larry in Electric Ladyland. Immdibb is a little wack.
  3. 3. Cult, Mother-Son Relationship, Miniature People, Grandson, Atmospheric - I'm strongly reconsidering my participation in this meme.
  4. 4. Computer, Hyperspace, Outer Space, Martial Arts, Invented Language - Oh. My. Word. I don't even know this one and it's my list.
  5. 5. Eggs, Kiss, Competition, Motivation, Inspiration - but not... well... the one single keyword that would make everyone actually recognize the movie?
  6. 6. Kissing, Punch, Political Thriller, Sniper Rifle, Bathing Suit - better, but still head-scratching. It's almost like all the people who voted for Sanjaya went to IMDB to write up keywords for movies.
  7. 7. Hit By Truck, Amazon, Zombie, Good Vs. Evil, Bondage - this made me laugh like the Joker for five minutes. You are never guessing this movie, unless it's also on your list.
  8. 8. Allegory, Teenage Girl, Friendship, It Was All a Dream, Black and White Seques into Color - that's a gimme, which just goes to show you how amazingly goofy some of these plot keys are. Really, these are the five major features of this plot?
  9. 9. Merchant, Scam, Nightmare, Pistol, Parenthood - with the exception of "nightmare," these could be the plot keys to the Steely Dan song "Don't Take Me Alive" - I'm a bookkeeper's son/ I don't wanna shoot no one/ But I crossed my old man back in Oregon/ Don't take me alive...
  10. 10. Ice Skating, Radio Talk Show, Parade, Marital Problem, St. Bernard - oh, that is IT. This is one long frolic through the catnip. Enough.

I'm doing this again, with my own keywords - below, in Spoiler Vision - for those who can't get the movies with the above list. Same order. Don't highlight the blank space if you want the fun of guessing wildly like a moron shouting at the TV during "Jeopardy." Go one or two words at a time, though, because these will probably make them far easier.

  1. This one you should get.
  2. This one, too, but my five would be - Robot, Boy, Friendship, Army, Hero
  3. Contest, Eccentric Characters, Moral Lessons, Musical, Imagination
  4. Sci-Fi, Good v. Evil, Mysticism, Friendship, Hero - admittedly a little broad, but all of these are the main points of the movie.
  5. BOXING. (I mean, what the hell was so hard about that?) Other four, if you really want them: Underdog, Romance, Inspiration, Oscar Winner.
  6. Political, Thriller, Brainwashing, Solitaire, Assassination.
  7. Swashbuckler, Relics, Nazis, Daring Escapes. That's all you need.
  8. Fantasy, Musical, Tornado, Friendship, Quest... A lot of candidates for #5. This actually is harder than the ones IMDB gave, except for the gimme #3.
  9. Offbeat Comedy, Kidnapping, Chases, Bounty Hunter, Visions. Actually had to leave out a few on this one.
  10. Not "ice skating," you incredible buffoons. HOCKEY, Comedy, Steel Town, Hired Goons, Fight Scene. They get the DOG, but not the SPORT that's the WHOLE POINT of the movie.

And there you have it, the double-dipped Movie Meme, bonus fun for one and all. Leave your guesses below!

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