Monday, July 30, 2007

Break out the tinfoil hats...

....because the truth is out. W had Pat Tillman fragged for supporting Kerry.

Actually, that’s overstating it: He thinks it might have been Bush or our right-wing military acting of its own accord. You’ll find it below at about 3:00 if you’re counting down. Would the president have had one of his own men murdered to prevent a meeting with Noam Chomsky? That’s a given in Olbyworld. But would he have sent the military to do it knowing that the revelation of this murderous order from on high by any of the co-conspirators along the chain of command would have meant his certain impeachment and possible/entirely justifiable trial for murder? But of course. To prevent a Pat Tillman/Waffles photo op? If Bush could pull off 9/11, how hard could something like this be?

And besides, Olby’s technically not asserting anything here. He’s … just “airing it.”

What really offends me about this is how those who "support the troops" have so little respect for them. How does that conversation go? "Bowers, you need to whack Tillman - orders are from the top." And Sergeant Bowers is going salute smartly and then go murder one of his brothers in arms? What the hell kind of people do these moonbats think GIs are?

Obly is replacing Costas on NBC Football Night in America pregame show. Is there a snowball's chance that I will watch?

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