Monday, July 02, 2007

Don't worry, we still have the Ice Girls

Let me see.

Ryan Smyth - to Colorado.
Jason Blake - to Toronto.
Tom Poti and Viktor Kozlov - to Washington.
Alexei Yashin - bought out.

Not for nothing, but that's 92 goals that just walked out the door. And Gomez, Drury, Briere, Paul Kariya, Scott Hannan, Brian Rafalski, Matheiu Schneider... hell, just about everybody else - off the market.

Oh, but the Islanders signed this guy. Jon FREAKIN' Sim, 52 career goals in eight seasons. The Islanders are his NINTH team, and he isn't even 30 yet.

To recap - the Islanders second line is now Miro Satan, Randy "Not Luc" Robitaille, and Trent Hunter. Their third line is Sim (or Richard Park), Arron Asham, and Mike Sillinger. Their fourth line is Frans Neilsen (who escaped from an SNL sketch, apparently), Steve Regier, and Jeff Tambellini.

There is no first line. The only other forward on the entire roster is Shawn Bates, coming off four goals and six assists in 48 games. The Isles had no first-round draft pick this year; last year's guy, Kyle Okposo, is looking smarter than ever for staying in college. I'm going to go home, get totally sloshed, and watch the '80 finals on YouTube about forty times.

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