Friday, July 27, 2007

Stealing Air Conditioners

The high cost of copper and aluminum scrap is spurring thieves on:

The building that houses Toledo police’s Safe-T-City program adjacent to the Scott Park district police station could be a little warm this summer after thieves made off with its air conditioning condensing unit.

The crime occurred between May 2 and Wednesday, when an officer was checking on preparations for the summer safety program that caters to children entering kindergarten.Police hope to replace the unit before the first session on June 13.

The officer noticed the top part of the unit on the ground as he was going into the building, 2201 Nebraska Ave. He found that someone pulled or pried away a large metal fence around the unit, cut the copper tubing and other wiring, and removed most of the condensing unit, police said.

One of our customers - a tavern owner got hit last week. They hit businesses because they know at night no one is there. Churches are hit hard by this.

Is this a false memory of my childhood, or did criminals have an unwritten ban on stealing from churches?

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