Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Taking the Computer out of the Kid's Room...

...because of this:

TAMPA - Officer Felicia Pecora said she knew Raymond Gomez had something to hide.

It was about 6:30 p.m. Sunday when Pecora dropped by for a routine address check on Gomez, a registered sex offender who once molested girls while working as a clown. When he opened the door slightly, his eyes were "as big as saucers," Pecora said. "It put the hair up on the back of my neck."

Gomez, 52, told the officer he was naked. She told him to get dressed. Inside the apartment, "his hands were shaking," she said. "The vein in his neck was just ga-gunk, ga-gunk, ga-gunk."

The reason he was nervous, Pecora learned, was a 15-year-old girl inside his bedroom. The girl at first told police she was 18.

How do 15-year-old girls meet 52-year-old pervs? You guessed it.

Pecora and Tampa police sex-crimes Detective Eric Wilkinson said Gomez and the teenager met in an online chat room for Christians (Christians!!! - Spider). They began corresponding using their cell phones.

Guys, I love the Tampa Bay area, but it is perv central down here. Thank God I'm not a parent. I'd be jumping into a bottle of Wild Turkey by 10 am every day.

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