Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Watching your step, and the skies at Busch Gardens

Here in Tampa, Busch Gardens wants to sell beer throughout the park.

Do roller coasters and beer mix?

Busch Gardens is hoping so. Officials from the amusement park asked the Tampa City Council this week to consider allowing beer to be sold all over the park.

Rather than in just a few select locations. The park would need to change its alcohol license to make that happen. Currently, beer sales and consumption is limited mostly to three restaurants in the park - Desert Grill, Zambia Smokehouse and Crown Colony House Restaurant. There's also beer in the Busch Gardens' Hospitality House, where patrons 21 and older can join the Brewmaster's Club and consume free samples of Busch beverages.

Busch Gardens is owned by the brewing company that makes Budweiser and Bud Light.

Consider going on Sheekra with a belly full of Bud. I can see guys hanging over the side barfing up their internal organs.

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