Friday, September 14, 2007

Kinda pathetic

OK, so you're a major rock station in New York City... and the Yankees are playing three games at Fenway Park against the Red Sox. So, naturally, you want to support the team. Choices:

A - offer tickets to some die-hard road fans
B - go "Boston free" on the airwaves: no Aerosmith or Boston or any other bands from the general vicinity
C - you re-write Heart's "Magic Man" into a song insulting the Red Sox

If you went with B, you're a couple of years too late. As a result, today I got to hear a crappy Ann Wilson knockoff warbling "Try, try, try to understand, I'm a Yankees Fan." Mercifully it only lasted one verse, or I would have torn out my steering wheel and beaten myself into unconsciousness.

And for crying out tears, the least thing they could do is mention Alex Rodriguez in a Yankee song written to "Magic Man." The guy's hitting 1.287 or something. With that rotation, they ought to be ten games under .500, not sitting pretty in the AL Wild Card. (This would be yet another good reason never to forgive the Detroit Tigers.)

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