Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Purple Jesus

Following up on this.

The Fly in a comment asked about Purple Jesus, and I am going to use this opportunity to tell you what it is.

I was watching McHale’s Navy when I was a youngster with my Dad. One episode showed McHale’s sailors having a party with the guest of honor being a torpedo. This confused me, so I asked dear old Dad what this all meant.

Dad had joined the Navy near the tail end of WWII, and he was very familiar with torpedoes being invited to parties. He told me that back in the day torpedoes were fueled with straight grain alcohol (this is the alcohol in traditional liquor, as opposed to the methyl alcohol that is blinding our Muslim friends), and sailors would mix this fuel 50/50 with grape juice, hence 100 proof Purple Jesus.

So Purple Jesus will not cause you to go blind, at least not right away.

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