Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh please, please, pretty please

Sometimes Christmas comes early.

Dan Rather Files Suit Against CBS

Dan Rather filed a $70 million suit against CBS Corp. and three of his former superiors alleging they violated his contract by forcing him to step down after Memogate in 2005.

Oh, yeeeeeeeeeeee-HA! This guy really wants extra scrutiny into the whole faked-memo report.

Suit, filed Wednesday in New York, ... alleges that the network commissioned a biased investigation of the story about President Bush's Air National Guard Service that "seriously damaged his reputation."

That's my emphasis. Rather is coming right out and saying that Les Moonves and company knowingly perpetrated this fraud.

WOW. There is absolutely no earthly way that CBS will ever permit it to be tested in open court. Knowing they were fakes is one thing; having a preponderance of the evidence prove that they were solicited from the git-go is quite a lot more. They'd rather hack off their own arms with a spork than admit this.

Watching these two sides go after each other? The cross-accusations, the egos, the tacit need on both ends to do-si-do around the obvious - that it wasn't to injure Gunga Dan, but George W Bush? Comedy itself may never recover.

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