Saturday, January 12, 2008

Dumbest Criminal in Tampa.. Michael Hess. He escaped from prison in 1979 while doing 65 years for multiple robberies. He assumed the identity of a dead guy and remained hidden until October of 2007, when police came to a sports bar called The Press Box and arrested him at his job there as a cook.
He was down Orient Road (sorry, in the Hillsborough County jail) awaiting transport to the state pen. On Thursday he was released by mistake.
It gets
Instead of leaving the area, deputies say Hess went back to The Press Box sports bar and tried to get his job back.
Deputies arrested him there. He is now on his way to state prison.
Sheriff's Office is reviewing its procedures to see how Hess came to be released.
This guy doesn't hop on a Greyhound to Idaho? Instead he goes back to the place where he was arrested and tried to get his old job back? He deserves to go to prison just for being stupid .
I'm sure the Sheriff is going to review procedures.

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