Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Warren Sapp retired from football..

..but will retire from babymaking? Apparently Warren had a lot of spare time on his hands, and he was productive with it.
In April (of 2003 - spider), Angela Sanders, 28, an Air Force veteran who filed a paternity suit against Sapp in 1998, reopened her case. She is seeking increased support for Jaelon Austin Sapp, born in a Nebraska Air Force hospital in 1997.

- On July 21, Jamiko R. Sapp, 27, filed papers in Tampa to dissolve her marriage to Sapp. The couple married during Pro Bowl festivities in Honolulu in January 1998, two months after the birth of their first child, Mercedes C. Sapp. Warren C. Sapp II was born two years later.
Mrs. Sapp seeks primary custody of the children, an equitable share of marital assets, child support, alimony and use of the family's 7,596-square-foot home in the Avila community in north Tampa.

- On Aug. 7, former Temple University basketball player Chantel Adkins won a final judgment in a New Jersey courtroom in a paternity case she filed against Sapp last year. Adkins, 30, is the mother of Autumn Jade Adkins Sapp, born in November 2000. Adkins won an award worth $177,992 in this year alone.

Sapp's approach to the cases contradicts the depiction of him as "a model athlete, adored by both kids and adults," as he is touted on the Web site of Nike, which has signed Sapp to a three-year deal.
Of course, Warren doesn't part with his coin easily, and there is no greater love than this - to take a paternity test for a friend:
When the support dried up, Adkins sued. A paternity test was ordered. But according to Nuzzi, it was not Sapp who showed up to take the test at a lab near Raymond James Stadium.

Paternity test protocol requires lab personnel to get a photograph, the signature and fingerprints of the man tested.

"There was a picture, but unless Warren Sapp had shrunk by 8 inches, it wasn't him," said Nuzzi. "The signature was nothing like the autographs you can see all over eBay. And there were no fingerprints at all."

The test showed Sapp was not the father of Adkins' baby. "We filed an appeal saying, "What kind of scam is this?"' said Nuzzi.
I told this tale to a friend and he told me that there's an old dusty Old Testament book that has advice that Warren should have followed:
Proverbs 5:8-10 "Keep your way far from her And do not go near the door of her house,
Or you will give your vigor to others And your years to the cruel one;
And strangers will be filled with your strength And your hard-earned goods {will go} to the house of an alien;
This lady is getting over $5,000 a month. It's a shame Sapp couldn't get me pregnant.

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