Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tonight is kind of special

Whenever the church folks get together for a social outing, we all usually bring a little something for the occasion - and somehow I wound up being the beer guy. (I love it, if only because it's so unlikely; sort of like asking the PETA folks to bring the veal parm.)

Now for years I've been doing this, and focusing on microbrews, unusual vintage, and such. And in all my liquor store browsing, I had no idea that these guys were back. Yet there it is, in the history page -

Löwenbräu is back. Back by popular demand, Löwenbräu reintroduces Löwenbräu Original Lager in the US , importing it directly from the Löwenbräu brewery in Munich.

(That sentence, by the way, shatters the old Hive record for umlauts by three.)

Hat tip? Of course, the Swillers. Some things are unlikely, but most things aren't.

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