Thursday, January 17, 2008

I Need a Bigger Gun..

Very dangerous... you go first! take out this rattler.

With a body as thick as a fencepost and a head like a clenched fist, the rattlesnake shook off the pesky .22-caliber bullets.

That's if the bullets even found the coiled, menacing serpent. The shooter didn't dare get any closer than 15 feet.

Jim Epley, who turned 74 last week, watched as his neighbor used a .22-caliber handgun to dispatch the Eastern diamondback. He knew it would take more firepower. He fetched his .44-caliber Magnum. Two shots later, the snake was dead, although it continued to squirm for hours.

Epley said it was in the backyard of Vince Tracy's home in the Orange Blossom Acres subdivision outside Sebring on Monday morning.

"It was stalking a little kitten," Epley said.

Big snakes and big gators, that's what we got here in Florida, and we need big guns to deal with them. Especially to save little kittens from a hideous fate.

Sebring is about 70 miles south of Orlando.

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