Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Think he stayed home last night?

What a life! You made the majors at 25, and had a very average career, except for that brief, shining moment when you saved the day for the greatest baseball franchise in history in the greatest game of your life.

Here you are, a retired baseball hero celebrating your birthday by getting your Goose on with your Playboy model pal. What could be better than that?

There is no language spoken by men which can explain this, but when you are in Leyritz's condition you think you are okay. It's a tunnel vision of the eye and the soul. You may think that you are a little slow, but you'll drive with care and down back roads to avoid DUI checkpoints because you know you are over the limit but you're experienced at this so you're okay.

You're okay. Right?

A teary-eyed Jim Leyritz met with his lawyer yesterday, as the family of the woman he allegedly killed while driving drunk planned her funeral.

The former Yankee - who's accused of smashing into a car driven by Fredia Veitch at 3:20 a.m. Friday, shortly after his 44th-birthday bash in a Fort Lauderdale club - consulted with the attorney for an hour before racing off in a silver Hummer with a mystery blonde.

At the party, the slugger drank Grey Goose vodka and tonics, said his pal, Playboy model Erica Chevillar.

"There were a lot of us partying," she said. "Everyone was drinking."
Responders found Leyritz bleary eyed, red faced and reeking of booze, cops said.

Jordan Veitch, meanwhile, slammed Leyritz for robbing him of his wife and his children of their mom.

"If we didn't have drunk driving, I wouldn't have to explain why my son's not going to have a mother," Veitch, 29, said, adding that his 30-year-old wife was "a beautiful woman and a wonderful mother."

He said Julian, 5, keeps asking, "Why hasn't mommy come home? Will mommy be in the grass? Who's going to take care of me?"

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