Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ouija and vodka....

....don't mix.

The day a rural Benton City mother and daughter were killed, Joshua Tucker asked a Ouija board "if he was going to become a serial killer."

The Ouija board said "yes."

Tucker, 16, and his friend Donald Schalchlin, 15, were playing with the board and drinking vodka just before Tucker allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife and killed Schalchlin's sister and mother last month, according to court documents obtained this week by the Herald.

Donald Schal-chlin told police Tucker thought of himself as being possessed because he is a Satanist and the Ouija board told them they were talking to Satan.

I don't know what Catholics think about this, but trying to hook up with the underworld is frowned upon in Evangelical circles. Combined that with vodka and it's hard to tell which kind of spirits had the most influence on this piece of dirt.

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