Friday, April 11, 2008

AI results, eight to seven

Tomorrow, the good Lord really did take him away. Michael Johns, one of my top four picks, went home tonight.

More details when I'm not super-sleepy... actually, forget it. I talk too much. You guys can discuss it - that's the whole point of a water cooler. My own quick thoughts:

1. They really sang "Shout to the Lord" as the medley song. Cool.
2. Then there's "I'm a Believer," which was simply bizarro world. If you made a list of the ten least desirable celebs to sing "I'm a Believer," Kobe Bryant would have to be on it twice, wouldn't he? Watching him make googly eyes at the camera while singing "And then I saw her face" was alternately creepy and completely hilarious.
3. Rob Schneider. Sigh.
4. Dr. Phil was actually kinda fun and goofy.
5. Carly and Syesha joined Michael Johns in the bottom three.

Surprising? Well, not much. They were three of the four weakest performances, even though none of them were terrible. As I'm fond of repeating - wait, I'm fond of repeating everything. Let's rephrase: as I've said often, we will be losing good singers every time out now. Everyone left has a legit shot of winning, except possibly Kristy Lee; and she's even turning in better performances now.

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