Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fly and Spider's Excellent Blog Venture

Who sez? The lovely Nina, that's who.

Or it could mean that I booted a grounder.  Either way.
We are honored. I shall obey the conventions and name some other blogs that are also most righteous. Then I shall do the Wyld Stallyons 80's air guitar riff.

Visit the excellence at the following locations:

Ricki's Rants and Rambles
Beyond the Pale
The Coalition of the Swilling
Dawn Eden - already Pantheon, of course, but at a new address that I haven't updated yet - so click here, not the sidebar!
The Judge Report
WunderKraut - who must find and post the .wav file of the Monty Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence
The Shiela Variations - probably named eleventy times already, so here's another
SarahK's Mountaineer Musings AND Snark Raving Mad
bonus, via Ricki - the Superest! These guys rule.

And that's eleven... If you weren't named, but are on my sidebar - give it a rest, you're already on the sidebar, which means that you are permanently approved. Seriously, check out anyone on that sidebar I haven't pegged. They are worthy of guitar solos while action heroes walk slow motion in front of giant explosions.

Update - as the Spider says in the comments, I negelcted to link back to the lovely Nina's blog. Excellence took exactly twelve seconds to make me a dithering doofus. You want to check out the Reader Blog to find Nina.

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