Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Good times at the ball game

If you're a sports fan, this spring is in the midst of rocking out.

In baseball, you've got the first month of the year: everyone is still in it, and some teams that have suffered long have the glimmer of hope - the Royals and Orioles have started well, and the Cubs (of all teams) have as good a shot as anyone of winning the National League.

Basketball is coming off an incredible NCAA final game, with Kansas rallying from eight down in the final minute, and one of the best regular-seasons in recent NBA history, especially in the Western Conference - nine teams won 48 games or more (sadly, that means Golden State is home while the mediocre Atlanta Hawks stink in up in the east against Boston in the opening round). There are four legit MVP candidates (Bill Simmons gives you a two-part breakdown).

Football? Well, even that's fun, with the schedule getting released and official crazy person Chad Johnson demanding a trade before draft day.

Then, of course, there's the Lord's Own Hockey. With the exception of Ottawa getting pantsed by Pittsburgh, the playoffs have been very good so far. We've had breakout goaltending from Carey Price in Montreal, huge comebacks in the Calgary-San Jose series, and if you're into idiocy, both Sean Avery and Mike Milbury have delivered.

(For the record, I'd have put Avery in the box at once for his antics in front of Marty Brodeur. I've actually had someone do that to me and he was hit up for unsportsmanlike conduct. No question. And Milbury hardly invented the "Washington Crapitals" insult - remember, he played when Washington was going 8-67-5 in their first season in the league. They had THREE head coaches. Yikes.)

SI's Mike Farber has a column about the Senators, BTW, that deserves some fisking. I'll probably get into it tomorrow.

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