Monday, April 14, 2008

Mille Borne

Blame the Barking Spider - it was his idea that I start to write a blog. And here we are 3½ years later, and this is post #1000.

You can just taste the excitement.
I didn't think I'd ever get this far when I first put up a goofy little bit about the 2004 elections.

Along the way, I've had good posts and lousy posts, and early on, wound up being a little prophetic. (I actually saw it adveristed on TV the other day.) I swapped out my commenting system, which is why nearly all the early posts are comment-free. As Blogger updated, I tried to catch up, but a good many of the posts are also unlabeled, which makes searching the archives a hunk of trouble - hence, no greatest hits or anything like. (Each time I try, I'm forced to give it up from lack of time.) I've annoyed people without trying, made friends, made amends, and made no sense. I even got married.

Most of all, I've just enjoyed myself a whole bunch, even if I've never been Instalanched or anything. I've "met" some great folks in the cyber-wilds, some of whom I have since actually met in person.* It's been a great time. My deepest thanks to everyone who reads, whether you've been on for the whole ride or are just jumping in now.

*Amazingly, Ms. Eden mentioned this blog in passing in her book, The Thrill of the Chaste. I had never quite finished it (NOT HER FAULT - it's really a good book, but I tend to read three or four at once and it got lost in the shuffle) so I had no idea until the good judge mentioned it. Agog, I finished. It was a very kind recommendation for my young adult's church group. Dawn, I'm very sorry; I never knew, but I'm glad to correct my oversight and pass on the thanks of the whole group, who were properly geeked out when they heard.

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