Monday, April 21, 2008

Is It Hot in Here?

Or is it just jihad?

"You Would Find 10 Black-Eyed Virgins Sprawled on Musk Cushions"
"He said that faces would be soft that day. Even your own face will be soft without any powder or makeup. You yourself will be soft, so how soft will a black-eyed virgin be, when she comes to you so tall and with her beautiful face, her black hair and white face - praised be He who created night and day. Just feel her palm, Sheikh!
"He said: How soft will a fingertip be, after being softened in paradise for thousands of years! There is no god but Allah. He told us that if you entered one of the palaces, you would find 10 black-eyed virgins sprawled on musk cushions. Where is Abu Khaled? Here, he has arrived!
"When they see you, they will get up and run to you. Lucky is the one who gets to put her thumb in your hand. When they get hold of you, they will push you onto your back, on the musk cushions. They will push you onto your back, Jamal! Allah Akbar! I wish this on all people present here.
"He said that one of them would place her mouth on yours. Do whatever you want.

"Another one would press her cheek against yours, yet another would press her chest against yours, and the others would await their turn. There is no god but Allah."

What a recruiting tool! Now if my pastor preached like this it would get my attention! Of course, my pastor will probable tell me that "whatever is true , whatever is honorable , whatever is right , whatever is pure , whatever is lovely , whatever is of good repute , if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise , dwell on these things". (Phil 4:8)

And not that I'm being shorted 62 virgins.
This comes from a website called which tranlsates in English sermons and other fun items from the Muslim world.

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