Monday, August 18, 2008

The Fly's wedding reception wasn't this much fun

Nobody got tased.

The Michigan wedding of Durango newlyweds Andy and Ania Somora came to an abrupt end last weekend after the bride and groom were tasered by local police and spent their wedding night in jail.

According to a news release from the Chikaming Township (Mich.) Police Department, Officer Jeff Enders responded Saturday to the Burnison Art Gallery in Lakeside, Mich., after gallery owner Judi Burnison asked for assistance with unruly guests at the Somoras' wedding reception.
Burnison, who rented the gallery to the Somoras for the reception, told Enders the party had gotten out of hand, and there were broken glasses and spilled drinks.

Burnison declined to comment Wednesday, but she said her lawyer would respond to questions.
However, no call was received as of Wednesday evening.

Enders told the assembled guests to leave, but many became upset, police said. Enders called for backup, and 14 law-enforcement agencies responded to help clear the crowd. Police said that many of the 100 guests left peacefully, but several continued to be disorderly and to swear at the officers.

Now, I almost lost my kneecaps at the reception.

When the Ladybug tossed the bouquet, it was caught by the Fly's baby sister. When the Fly prepared to toss the garter, I was in position with all the other single guys and I actually caught the garter.

With that done, I headed for my seat. I was grabbed and then told that I had to put the garter on the leg of the bouquet-catcher, who was the Fly's baby sister. The best man, the Fly's younger brother, and auto mechanic and a muscled, vigorous young man whispered to me that he was glad it was me that caught the garter.

I first met the Fly's little sister when she was six, and in my eyes she still is six. So the plan was to stop the garter just past the knee and get out of there with my bones intact. I must add the those of you in attendance were not helpful in this matter. When I was done I told the MC that I liked my kneecaps the way they are.

I ended the night with the garter around my leg. I still have it at home. Blame it on my visit to Asbury Park that week.

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