Monday, August 18, 2008

Olympic shocker

Michael Phelps continues to amaze.

Yesterday, the record-setting swimmer passed another milestone, leading the United States quad sculls team to a stunning victory over the favored Polish crew.

"We happened to glance to our right and here comes this dude from nowhere," said Poland's, Marek Kolbowicz. "I must admit that I was impressed." However, the International Olympic Committee was not. They ruled that the American team violated the rules by having Phelps swim the event rather than row. As a result, the Polish crew's runner-up finish was awarded gold, with Italy and France taking silver and bronze.

"I was just looking for something to race, that's all," Phelps said later. "I meant no disrespect to the event or the competitors. They seemed like they went fast and I'm always looking for a new challenge."

The United States counter-protested, saying that Phelps was a legit part of a four-man team since he towed a scull with three men in it, but the IOC denied the claim. "Phelpsie caused too much wake, it affected the Polish boat," siad teammate Paul Teti, who waved from the stern while sipping tea during the race. "And I think the Germans were just bugged out by it."

The German team, in fact, finished last: they stopped rowing with 150 meters to go, staring slack-jawed as Phelps put on speed and passed the rest of the regatta.

Phelps is considering racing the entire Olympic team home from Beijing, swimming the Pacific before their plane can touch down in California. "I may stop in Honolulu for a sandwich or something, I don't know," he said.

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