Tuesday, August 26, 2008

One Reason I Love Baseball...

...is because of what Rick Monday did 32 years ago yesterday.

The Vietnam War had ended a year before when two protesters dashed onto the field at Dodger Stadium, carrying something under their arm. It was an American flag, and as they tried to light it, Monday, then a Chicago Cubs outfielder, ran from center field to left and snatched it out of their hands.

On that day, April 25, 1976, he became an American hero.

Here's what Monday had to say about it.

"My feeling in 1976 is the same as it is today, that two individuals were wrong in desecrating a symbol of the rights and freedoms that we have," said the 18-year major-leaguer, who retired in 1984 and was in town with the Dodgers, who concluded a four-game series against the Phillies last night.

Two years ago, on the 30th anniversary of the historic moment, the Baseball Hall of Fame voted Monday's act as one of the 100 classic moments in the history of the game.

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