Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Politics-Driven Church

The McCainchurian Candidate, the Obamessiah & Rick Warren are going to be on the Radio tonight (91.1 FM in Tampa) at Warren's church.

Warren will be talking to each of them, Obama first, then McCain. He will be asking them the exact same questions.

I don't care about the answers. I know enough about the candidates. I'm care about the questions and what they say about Rick Warren. Warren has said that he got help from a group of left wingers with the questions, so I expect Obama to bring a pillow.

Full disclosure. I don't like Rick Warren. This may come as a shock to some of you because he loves Jesus and he has a best seller out (I've read it), but I don't like him. Whenever he is pressed on the life issue his answers are slippery. I would have more respect for him if he manned up and admitted he was politically on the left.

Also, if his preaching is anything like his book, it is doctrinally weak. Maybe it's because I am spoiled, going to a solid evangelical church where the pastor preaches sound theology. On the right is a link to a fascinating blog called The Curt Jester. The Jester has several posts about local Catholic churches in which the priest will go off on tangents and not preach Catholic doctrine. I feel the same way about Rick Warren.

The media has christened Warren an evangelical leader. If he is an evangelical, I must be something else.

I remember four years ago the media were wetting themselves over the influence of evangelicals in the re-election of W. Separation of church and state. Turning into a theocracy. Michael Moore calling the South and West "Jesusland". Now that the Obamessiah has brought light into the world that doesn't seem to be such a big concern anymore. Hmmm.

Don't even get me started on Mike Huckabee.

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