Friday, October 10, 2008

Actual serious stuff

Don't worry - not serious in the sense of "personal tragedy about to follow." I'm not sure that I could write too much about any of that sort of thing if (or inevitably, when) it happens. Of my whole family I'm probably the one who is least "private" about those sorts of things, so out of respect for everyone else, I try not to drag them along into my malfunction.

But the serious stuff is out there.

I'm not about to list my blogfriends in a bunch of links, saying "go here and offer your support," and not because I don't want them to be supported. It's just out of respect. It's easy to air one's own laundry if one wishes, but someone else's? Even if they've mentioned it in their own space, it just feels off to drag the rest of the world over there to comment on it. Of course I have done in the past, and so have plenty of others... welcome to humanity. We are inconsistent, and not always logical. All I can say is, if it feels right to call for the cavalry, I do; when it feels right to withdraw respectfully, then I do that.

It's not always the right way to do things. I zig when I should zag, sometimes. It's probably because with the blogfriends, there isn't that personal interaction. With those who write well enough to get the reader inside somewhat, there's the additional challenge of feeling like I know them better than I really do - or assuming that they thus know me, that my quirky jokes won't simply come across as stupid or insulting.

And then there's my blog curse... I skip a stop for a day or two, usually by accident, and when I get back SOMETHING HAPPENED and I wasn't there, I MISSED EVERYTHING, people NEEDED ME and I was SLACKING. I'm sorry! I want to say, but hell, it wasn't about me in the first place, so why barge in late with all the drama?

Pfffft. It would be easier to just churn out Water Cooler posts. (Actually, I miss those, I should get off my butt... Top Model in particular has been bringing the crazy.)

Still, if this blog is about anything, it's about that connection with all of you blogfriends out there. Whether I get 150 comments like some of the heavier hitters or just one or two, I know there's that connection. Like any other set of friends, sometimes the connection is about TV or sports or something fun and goofy... sometimes it's about news, culture, politics... sometimes about work and relationships... and sometimes it's because there's something looming and personal, where we need our friends - or just need to TELL - but we don't want to talk about with any random stranger who overhears.

So no links this time. You regular readers here visit my sidebar a lot, so you know at least some of the people I'm thinking of with this post. I don't value you guys and gals any less for being way off on the other side of the Internet, or if I miss a post, or sometimes choose not to link to a particular item about tough times. I can only hope I do right by you, friend by friend and moment by moment. Be assured that even when you haven't asked, you have my regard and my prayers... and as always my thanks for your visits and your friendship.

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