Monday, October 13, 2008

The Boston Pee Party

We may wear "Rayhawks" and ring cowbells, but I don't think Rays fans are doing this.

Max Dougherty, an otherwise sane 28-year-old American male, has a tattoo of the Red Sox logo on his left chest and two cats named after members of the Red Sox team, and he never wears anything other than red socks.

He also once wet himself after a Red Sox win in the playoffs.

On purpose.

This was in 1999. There were 30 people at his apartment. His sister said she was so nervous she could pee her pants, and he told her that he would if the Red Sox won. Max Dougherty is a man of his word.

This is from the St Pete Times, whose pro-Obama bias in only exceeded by its pro-Rays bias, so they did look for an extreme Bosox fan.

When the Phils won the Series in 1980, it never occured to me to soil myself.

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