Friday, October 10, 2008

The Pollster Asked Me..

…who am I voting for? Obama or McCain?

What has made this question a hard one for me are the circumstances in which I left the GOP and registered here in Florida as No Party Afilliation (NPA).

To put it briefly, John McCain is the reason I am no longer a Republican. I won’t bore you with all the ways the McCainchurian Candidate has screwed his own party; most reading this blog know them better than I do. Before he ran for president it seemed that the only time he was on TV was to bash his own party. The last straw for me was his open borders advocation and his surrogates calling me a racist if I didn’t agree.

The Sisko is angry. The Sisko is angry that my only choices are my political opponents and someone who has made a career out of collaborating with my political opponents. The choice of Palin for VP is the only sign that McCain gives a rat’s toenail about the base of his own party.

The Sisko is angry with Huckabee, who read the tea leaves and embarked on a plan to be McCain’s VP by brown-nosing him on the campaign trail and staying in long enough to draw enough votes away from Romney to insure that McCain won. (A McCain-Huckabee ticket would never have gotten my vote.)

I’ve seen the influence of McCainism here in Florida. Our governor is the number one McCainkisser in the country (maybe number two behind Lindsay Graham). We have a marriage amendment on the ballot in Florida. Crist was in favor of it until two minutes after he was sworn in. Who knows what he thinks now; Crist will probably decide after it passes or fails. The McCain-Crist tactic with Christian conservatives is to lift the skirt a little and show us enough leg to get us into the voting booth. After I voted for Crist in 2006 I felt like a whore.

I also have no faith. I talk a good game about having a faith in Christ, but I’m pretty much full of Pferdkaese. In 2000 I worked a phone bank for W, and when he won with a GOP majority in Congress I was sucked into the notion that America would become a Christian paradise. (Because we know that all Republicans are Christians. Right?) In Isaiah 31:1, God has a warning for those would seek after secular power (chariots & horses) and not seek the Lord their God. I am guilty of putting the faith I should have in Christ in a political party and a political process.

My vote will be 30% for Sarah Palin and 70% against His Lordship the Obamessiah. I want to win the war on terror. I want this blog and talk radio to still be around next year. I don’t want the public reading of certain portions of Scripture to become a criminal act. I don’t want my boss or his customers to be taxed to such an extent that I will lose my job. I want to at least hold serve on the life issue.

Christian paradise? I’ll be voting for McCain in hopes of staving off Ragnarok for a few years.

And I’ll feel like a whore afterwards.

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