Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Barking Spider Recordings

There’s a bootleg going around.

Let me explain. I belong to our church’s music group. It’s not a choir; we have a female alto, a female melody, a male melody (that’s me) and a male tenor (who plays guitar) and a second guitar player.

This is by far the funnest thing I do, and one of the few things I don’t screw up. It is entirely the grace of God that I am able to do this. I am lazy about practicing guitar. I can barely read music. But I can carry a tune well enough that the real musicians let me join in. Mostly melody. For reasons that I can’t explain I can only sing tenor harmony on stuff played on country radio. But I digress.

Five years ago, a lady in our church asked me and one of the guitar players to record some of the songs we sing in church. Now, we sing traditional hymns and praise songs, but what is unique to our church are the songs in which Bible verses are set to music.

The “scripture songs” were what she was looking for. So Tim the Guitar Player and I huddled by the cassette recorder and played some of our favorites and gave the cassette to our friend. So this is not exactly the White Album we're talking about here.

Five years later she is still playing it. She has even asked us to make a copy (it’s a cassette) to give to a friend. Now I know I’m not on my way to the Grand Old Opry. But it amuses me that someone is driving around listening to a recording of my singing voice.

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