Sunday, October 19, 2008

You Have To Be Carefully Taught

Kids say the darndest things:
She's only 12 years old but Ashleigh Jones is feeling the heat of this election year. That’s because the seventh grader at New Smyrna Beach Middle School was called a racist by classmates for wearing a pro-Sarah Palin t-shirt.
Now from where to you thing these innocent little cherubs got such an idea?

Not from the Obama campaign, whose surrogates have never raised the race issue.

Not once.

Of the many things an Obama presidency will usher in will be the use of race to marginalize your opponents. The Department of Mau-Mauing will be a cabinet-level position.

My pastors meet every three months with some other local evangelical pastors. One of them, who is black, told my pastors of the pressure he is getting to support his lordship the Obamessiah.

Like me, he will not bow the knee to false gods.

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