Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Free Jimmy Buffett Concert in Tampa

It won't cost you any money, just your soul.
The mayor of Margaritaville is jumping into this year's political fray.

Jimmy Buffett plans a free concert Sunday in Tampa to urge people to vote for Democrat Barack Obama for president. The "Last Chance for Change" rally and concert is happening two days before the election at the outdoor Ford Amphitheatre.

People can get two free tickets by visiting any of the early voting information tables the Obama campaign has set up in the Tampa Bay area. Show time is 3 p.m.
Two challenges I face in going to this. I could probably pull off lying to the Obama voter info table about my love for his lordship. But the way these campaign things work is that you've got to be there at least three hours before the start. And at noon on Sunday I will be worshipping the real Messiah.

I will also miss the Obamamercial tonight. It's Wednesday night and I'm an evangelical; you know where I'll be. I'll probably get home around the restart of Game 5.

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