Thursday, October 30, 2008

You're right Rob, they had a great run.

If anyone would have told me back in March that the Rays would be in the Series, I would have told them to seek help for their drug problem. Usually by mid August it's wall to wall Buccaneers in sports talk radio. Not this year.

The Phils were my "up north" team so I'm not too disappointed. I wish Evan and Carlos would hit a little better. I wish Kazmir wouldn't have bad mouthed the ump earlier this year so he wouldn't get squeezed.

There were all kinds of conspiracy theories about the umps. Two of them lived in the Philly area; a third had played for the Phils.

The Rays will get better next year. Move David Price into the rotation and trade Edwin Jackson for a right-hand hitting rightfielder. Rocco's illness limits him to part-time duty.

And they will have to get better. They open the season @ Fenway. The home opener is against the Yankees. The AL East will once again be brutal.

Congrats, mighty Phils. I salute your scrapple, your birch beer, your cheesesteaks, your soft pretzels (No mustard? You must be from out of town!) and your Sure-kill River. Not to mention your Piels, Ortliebs, Schmidts and Rheingold.

Pitchers and catchers report in 107 days.

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