Wednesday, January 11, 2006


update, 1/12, 12:20 pm - nobody told me for a good reason: they knew I'd be let down once I investigated. The NHL '94 game is only available on the PlayStation 2 edition. That plus Guitar God is just not enough to get me to pull the trigger. Those teasers. :::sigh:::

I had been resisting buying the new NHL game for Alphonse, here. The Hive has enough timewasters. Then I heard of an added bonus - one could play NHL '94 to pass the time, instead of '06.

Jagr's good and all, but watch out for Video Jeremy Roenick

Now, it's no NHLPA '93 (shown above), made immortal in Swingers when Double Down and the boys strive to make Gretzky's head bleed, but between the two of them, my brother and I wore out a Genesis console. I had even debated going to one of the local shops to get a $15 used unit just for this game. Lemme sound a little like Agent Goodspeed from The Rock - first, I'm a confirmed puck head, and second, the games just play better. BTW, those little sprites look pretty darn good, don't they? In between periods, you get to see the Zamboni restore the ice, which gets scuffed and worn during play. (The picture must be a shot from a game with 10 minute periods, the ice looks very good. And dig those ice reflections!)

Oh, yeah, and the game would show highlights from other games in progress, a feature that has not been heard from since. The '93 version was considered IGN's fifth-best sports video game of all time (
a suspect list, as it doesn't include any of the High Heat baseball games OR the Tiger Woods PGA series); the '94 game is #47 on the much better 2005 list of 100 Best Games Ever.

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