Sunday, January 29, 2006

Better now

Thanks to those who stopped in and especially to those who were wondering about my absence. The culprit was a head cold. The worst part of it was trying to sleep and having all that excess gunk settling into every open airway I own. I must have looked silly propped up on a bunch of pillows, leaning against the wall next to the bed, trying to sleep vertically.

That's done with, for now. And I got a present I'd been hoping for. It was a Sega Genesis that I ebayed a couple of weeks ago, complete with a little something I'd been looking forward to.

Long Island 9, Hartford 1

1st - LI, Turgeon (King, Kurvers) 2:17
LI, Ferraro (Flatley) 4:19
LI, Ferraro (unassisted) 4:40
LI, Turgeon (Thomas) 6:00

2nd - LI, Turgeon (Kurvers) 5:08

3rd - LI, Volek (Hogue) 2:11
LI, Hogue (LaChance, Volek) 4:45
LI, Turgeon (Thomas, King) 7:03
LI, Flatley (unassisted) 9:20
HFD, Holik (unassisted) 9:51

Shots - LI 29, HFD 23
Goal - LI, Healy (22 sv/23 sh); HFD, Whitmore (23/29)

Yeah, I blew the shutout with nine seconds left. It has been four years since my last game, you know...

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