Monday, January 16, 2006

It didn't last long, either

Isles crushed. Of course it's ex-Isle first-rounder Todd Bertuzzi weilding the ugly stick on us. Mike Milbury is the gift that keeps on taking. In my heart, I know this is just a .500 team, maybe less - too thin on defense, not enough passing for reliable offense. Hopefully my own season will start soon and I'll have good news to report.

Other items of note - I tinkered with my sidebar a bit and returned the Dawn Patrol to active status; also bumped up Sports Guy, even if its his advice helping me to the tank in my playoff pool. I shuld have known the Bears didn't have the offense, but no, I trusted, dash it all. And yes, Diller, your Steelers rule. Seven times I humble myself before thee, Bill Cowher, and thy Mighty Jaw...

Still on the lookout for a blog to stick in the Pantheon - and maybe two. There are a couple of participants who post even less regularly than I do. Since I'm not bumping myself, that leaves the only logical alternative. Any suggestions are welcome and ought to go into the comments. (Thanks!)

One note on those comments - my email notification hasn't been working. If you've left comments in an older post and I haven't replied or seemed to notice, I'm sorry. You can always drop me a line manually: nightflymail [at] aol [dot] com. Just replace [these] with the proper punctiation and all.

Other quick items:
  • Sheila, your essay is being reconstructed.
  • Mr. B, Ms. Sister - having trouble with the Coalition pages this morning.
  • Lileks is great again. Love the pic of the rotary phone, love the opening:
"...this was my first visit inside the Walker, the exterior of which I drubbed in a column last year. Others have noted that the interior is, well, somewhat confusing – and this would seem to suggest that the building is disappointing in the two ways that count – the outside and the inside. Other than that, though, it’s spectacular."
Please check up with all the regulars. Tributes to guitars and Shelley Winters; geopolitics; movies, more movies, and stuff to drink at them; and another caption contest in a series in which I NEVER WIN. Plus more!

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