Friday, January 20, 2006

C-double-oh-to the izzle, fo shizzle

The Hive clicked past 5,000 visitors since August '05, an average of nearly 800 per month since I've been tracking.

I don't get linked by Malkin (Wunder, you da man) or anything, but I'm pleased. And the lucky visitor turns out to be a fellow Long Islander. It also happens that this site is second on Yahoo for the search "Kryons Bar". (The Hive, where aliens from video games come to booze it up!)

Welcome to the Hive, fellow Lawn Guy Lander! And for all others who pop by, you may want to check this out: Gizoogle, which offers to translate your web site into Snoop Dogg Speak. Did my page and was amazed, not only by the results, but with the random phrases they tossed in that seemed to fit perfectly where they appeared. Babelfish ought to be mortified; Gizoogle beats their pants off in the translation game, sho nuff.

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