Thursday, January 05, 2006

Spot the developing theme

The Coalition folks had a post expressing their concern for the health of Israel's Ariel Sharon. In reply, I wrote:

If I go to right now, what are the odds that I find rejoicing from the Arab world, saying that Allah has struck down Sharon and that this is just the beginning of his vengeance?
Well, it didn't take long. You will need considerably more patience for "the ex-Nazi" Pope Benedict XVI to say anything remotely or vaguely resembling anything like the enlightened Mr. Jibril's statements. Altar boys will not be doing this because "Sharon's people killed Our Lord and this is His Vengeance." However, you probably won't be waiting very long for the Disjointed Noses of the West to sniff that of course Jewish and Muslim fundamentalists are the same deep down, and double for the Christians. (w/t, twice, to Ace of Spades)*

It makes it more important for
the truth to get out (and a HUGE w/t to the Coalition of the Swilling for this). I printed the Steyn column, because it's required reading. Too many people worship at the shrine of Multiculturalism while loudly demanding that nobody ever defend it in combat. If there were a single diety in this faith, it may well echo the God who said, "These people worship me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me..." CS Lewis had this pegged long ago, when he wrote (in Screwtape Letters, I believe) that people are meant to be certain of their principals, not of themselves, because principals aren't sinners and people are. Nowadays we're taught to believe in ourselves instead of what we actually believe, which is self-aggrandizing and destructive (going back further there, to Chesterton in Orthodoxy). The end result is that, with no founding authority for our beliefs, we become our own ultimate authorities - and that one goes all the way back to Genesis ("Ye shall be as gods, knowing right and wrong...").

How we are supposed to find peace when so many fail to admit even the beginning of a common ground is a mystery, untenable when one looks at the actual history of man and sees how differences of principal lead to terrible, intractable conflicts; untenable even when one considers that the panoplies of ancient gods were always warring amongst themselves as well. But of course we are taught now neither sound history nor the wisdom of the ancient civilized cultures, preferring the madness and error of our age instead.

*update, 2:20 pm, via Lileks: See, this is what I mean. This gives the lie to anyone who says, as Mr. Atldax did, that Christianity is evil and sparks wars everywhere. (Not content with a name worthy of any Star Trek alien, Mr. Atldax has gone on to talk like he's their ambassador to the Federation.) If he really believed this, he'd fear for his life even saying such a thing, much less slapping such a design on the butts of thousands of Swedes; he have to wonder when someone would Theo Van Gogh him. Is all Multicultism, at its heart, this transparently self-defeating?

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