Monday, January 30, 2006

Life is but a meme

Voluntarily, as Rob from Crab Apple Lane has it. I have altered a few things and shall leave it to my readers to join the party as they choose. All I ask is a trackback - not just for the shameless link coveting, but also because I'm curious to read the results...

(My additions and alterations are in green.)

Four movies I could watch over and over:
Raiders of the Lost Ark
A Man For All Seasons (as related below)
Star Wars
Raising Arizona

Four places I have lived (as expressed in ZIP code):
08901 (current)
08835 (strange little town)

Four TV shows I love to watch:
Nothing currently. I mean it. Wasteland. But I won't wholly cop out - these are four I catch in reruns whenever I can.
Cowboy Bebop
oh, one current - SportsCenter

Four places I have been on vacation:
Parrot Jungle, Florida (currently defunct, but apparently soon to reopen)
Lancaster, PA (two separate deck hockey tournaments. Won them both)
Raleigh, NC
New Hampshire (technically a retreat, but very nice)

Four websites I visit daily:
Lileks (well, weekdaily, anyway)
Coalition of the Swilling
the Dawn Patrol

Four places I'd like to visit:
US Midwest

Four books or series I'm digging right now:
Girl Genius by Phil and Kaja Foglio
James Lileks, Interior Desecrations (the horror...)
stuff I'm writing myself (slowly but surely)
and a shout out to the inspiration for the "Sign of Four" meme, Sherlock Holmes

Four albums I cannot live without:
The Clash, London Calling
The Yes Album
the Bebop sountracks
Schoolhouse Rock

Four albums currently in heavy rotation:
Yes, Close to the Edge
Pillows, Penalty Life
Very Best of the Greatful Dead (currently playing, in fact)
Steely Dan, Can't Buy a Thrill

Four Restaurants I want to go to again. Soon.
Le Peep, Edison NJ (the only location in Jersey!)
Smithfield's BBQ
the Omega Diner (Official Diner of the Hive) - note that these travelers rightly praise the greatest three words in the history of lunch - "maple-peppered bacon."
The Dublin House, Red Bank NJ

The last four songs on the shuffle while working on this:
"Yomiko About Town" (from the ROD soundtrack)
Paul McCartney, "Take it Away"
Seatbelts, "Too Good Too Bad" (from Bebop, of course)
Swing Out Sister, "Breakout"

Four people who could do this better than I (but whom I am NOT TAGGING):
Sheila (surely up to Part 3,209 of her LA trip)
It Comes in Pints? (and especially Emily)

Seriously, no tags. Some people really don't like that, so I leave it up to anyone who likes. Truth be told, the final section was an excuse to work in four more bloggers from my regular rounds.

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