Thursday, January 05, 2006

Tagged again

From Mr. Snitch! I have to name five quirks about myself. As a bonus quirk, you could say that this is my second tag (w/t to Emily of It Comes In Pints?), but if they don't mind, I'll pull that comment and put it here now.

Weird habits -

Number one is just being me. I'm weird in general. But I suppose y'all want specifics:

  1. I prefer Anglicisms to many of their American equivalents. "Sliproad" just sounds a hell of a lot better than "merge lane." Sometimes one of these will slip out, such as when I double a consonant before -er or -ing (as in travelling; only necessary when the original word is one syllable). But I try not because, as Emily said, it seems like affectation.
  2. My brain works in little hops. For example, if you say "grits" to me, I may start singing the "Beverly Hillbillies" theme. Why? Because "grits" reminds me of Texas Toast, which is very close to Texas Tea, which is part of those lyrics. Some of these hops are so unlikely and occur to me so quickly that I will even leave myself wondering for a moment how I made the jump.
  3. I have never been a morning person. Ever. But if I have to wake up early for an appointment, such as making the airport or going to a funeral or some other occasion, I have no difficulty.
  4. I've never been drunk, nor even tipsy, and have never wanted to be. The way others describe it, the aftermath is like having a bad migraine. Why would I willingly give myself a migraine? Further, I've never drank underage with the exception of the occasional glass of wine at family gatherings. Nowadays this puts me in a slender minority.
  5. Generally I handle big things very well, and small things very poorly. I've been hospitalized, physically threatened and assaulted, been involved in car crashes, and have witnessed the rare life-and-death situation, and have always kept my head. But I will grouse tiresomely about the stupidest and smallest unkindnesses before letting go. Who was it who once said, "Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die"?

[NB - it was Mel Brooks, as Dave J kindly pointed out. He also corrected the quote, and that is the version I've included above.]

Now I suppose I'll have to tag others. I didn't see this at the Swilling, so Bings, Sis, you're on. (Ebola and Crusader too, if they really like.) Number 3, via email (I hope) is the Barking Spider. Four and five are nine. HA! OK, ok, seriously - four and five are Wunder and Cullen.

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