Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Oh sweet jiminy crickets

Sports Guy finally caved and put up a clearinghouse of column information, gleaned from five years of writing for ESPN.

"And just for the record," he notes, "everything older than six weeks is available only to ESPN Insiders (per's policy for all its columnists). So, if you're not an Insider, don't click on these links and get bent out of shape."

Yes, friends, links to all the source columns. My mission is clear:

  1. Subscribe to Insider
  2. Click and print like mad
  3. Return unused portion for full refund
  4. Make it up to Simmons by buying his book.

It came out to eleven printed pages (#12 is just the disclaimer fluff). Arrrrlllllghhhhhhh..... [/homerdrool]

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