Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Judge thumbs Wendy's finger felons

Nine years - one for each remaining finger.

“I am truly sorry. I owe Wendy’s and its employees an apology,” a sobbing Ayala told the court. “Wendy’s had always been my family’s favorite fast food restaurant.”

She was known for her generous tips.

She called her actions “a moment of poor judgment,” and told her family: “For all the shame I brought upon them I am sorry, I am so sorry.”

This 'moment' lasted several days at least - she had to get an extra finger, get it to the restaurant, put it in her meal, hire a lawyer, kvetch in public...

Investigators later determined Plascencia [the lesser half of our dynamic duo] obtained the piece of finger from a co-worker who had lost the top of a finger in an industrial accident at a Las Vegas paving company. The man had turned over the finger fragment to settle a $50 debt.

If you use severed body parts as legal tender, you might be a redneck.

The husband was given another three years and four months for not paying support for the five children he has with another woman in an unrelated case, giving him a total sentence of 12 years, four months behind bars.

Lessee, that's six teeth, a foot, half a nose...

“I am extremely remorseful,” said Plascencia, 43, who, like his wife, wore prison garb to the hearing at which television cameras were permitted.

In other words, neither posted bail in the case - it would've cost an arm and a leg.

Company officials said it took Wendy’s months to recover from the bad publicity and lost millions of dollars in sales because of the incident. At one point it gave away free ice cream to try to lure customers back into its San Jose area restaurants.

But toppings were still extra.

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