Thursday, February 12, 2009

Again, Filibuster!

Keeping up the Fifth String meme.

Hey Tim, you can find portions of the Porkulus Bill here. It’s only a summary, but the House Dems promise to have it all up online 48 hours before a vote. (They promised! )

UPDATE: I think the whole thing is here.

My governor and the president’s new BFF is happy for the Porkulus, but a little bummed that cash for him will be less than he hoped.

Gov. Charlie Crist says he's pleased with a compromise federal stimulus plan although Florida likely will get less money than anticipated.

Crist's office had estimated Florida would get at least $10.4 billion, but that figure probably will be reduced because the $790 billion total in the compromise is lower than initially passed by either the House or Senate.

Crist, who appeared with President Barack Obama in Fort Myers on Tuesday to campaign for the stimulus, said Thursday he's happy because just a few months ago the cash-strapped state was looking at "no stimulus at all."

We know what you are, governor. We are merely discussing price.

Judd Gregg decided he doesn't want to be Commerce Secretary. Do you think it has to do with Obama taking the Census Bureau out of his department and under direct supervision of the White House?

Rahm Emanuel running the 2010 census. Nothing I need to be concerned about, right?

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