Wednesday, February 04, 2009

That's it, exactly

Quoth Sheila -

And believe me, this is the Internet - if you feel shame about something, there will always be some jagoff who feels it his duty to tell you, "Well, you probably SHOULD feel shame about that! The way you live is indicative of everything that is wrong with America" or whatever the problem is with me.
... Her life is her life, and I love to peek in on it, and my life is my life, and she peeks in on mine as well. It's cool, actually. Because not all lives are the same. Not all stages of life are the same. If I constantly compare where I am at with those who are my age or whatever, I might throw up my hands in despair. This must not happen. I cannot afford to let that mindset into my life. At all anymore.

Fantastic and true. Or, as the Anderson Council put it in "Partridge" -

What is the point in worrying
Seems hardly worth my time
Make yourself sick with wondering
If yours is better than mine

Jump and run around the backyard singing
Dig a tunnel leading up
Words are unimportant, bells are ringing
Stop and you can hear them call

Incredible writing as always, and incredible pictures as well. Knowing what I know of her from her blogging, it seems perfectly like her.

(PS - gosh I hope I got the lyrics right. That's how I remember hearing it.)

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