Sunday, February 01, 2009

I'm rooting for the Cardinals

This was tough. I have no connection with either team. I was hoping that one of the teams would have a few criminals or wife beaters on it I could root against, but that was lacking.

The fact that I am an angry, right-wing nut factored into my decision of the tiny hook I needed in which to hang my allegiance upon a team.

Here is why I am rooting for the Cardinals. The owner of the Steelers is a "staunch, pro-life Catholic" and lifelong Republican who had never injected himself into politics. That is, until last year's Iowa caucus when he heard the word of the Obamessiah and the scales fell from his eyes:
Yet on January 3, 2008, the night that underdog Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama defeated heavily-favored Hillary Clinton in the Iowa Caucuses, Rooney was watching, and according to the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, he immediately called his son Jim saying, “This is the greatest speech I’ve seen since John Kennedy.This guy connects with people like no one I’ve seen since John Kennedy. He convinced me that this is more than just a good politician. I want to stand up and say something for this guy. I want to be involved in this.”
It seems that Mr. Rooney drank that special Kmiec Kool-Aid made especially for pro-life people who have lost their minds.

NBC will include a Matt Lauer makeout session with the President in its pregame show. This is a network that flacked global warming propaganda for a full week on it's entertainment programs. Do you think they will resist preach the gospel of their lord before the largest audience they will ever have? I predict that they will mention Obama no less than three times between kickoff and final whistle.

I want to hear Kurt Warner scream, "Thank you, Jesus!" I am rooting for the Cards. My reasons are stupid and childish and irrational. But it is what it is.

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