Friday, February 20, 2009

A continuing story - Arrival

After a flurry of packing, we bundled off the Official Puppy to a kindly friend and got a ride to the airport. It was a smooth trip, enlivened by the in-flight "snack" (they don't bother to call it a meal) - a dinner roll with a little turkey, a micro-sized chocolate bar, and approximately 6.2 corn chips. It's more worth it to buy the eight-dollar Big Mac while you're waiting to board. We decided against it, however, when we noticed that the Mickey D's had hi-def plasma TVs for menus, showing clever animations of all the products. If they can afford a sports bar that neither shows sports nor serves alcohol, they don't need my eight bucks.

We got in ten minutes early and my mom met us in the waiting room. We had checked baggage. It was unfortunate but we needed the space, and the airline didn't mind the extra fifteen bucks either. (You'd think they could afford a larger roll for the sandwich.) I pointed out the famous palm trees on a pole; Ladybug appreciated my zest but could not share it. After we got our bags she impressed me by asking, "Are you in the Palm Lot or the Hibiscus Lot?" We usually drive down, but she remembered the names of the parking garages after all this time. I can't even remember which one Mom was actually parked in, and I've been back home only a week.

Mom found a ramp that got us down to street level. "I guess I keep following this."
"It goes around and around," I said. "This is just like that movie where that car went around and around."
"Which way is out?" Mom asked. I wasn't sure if she wanted to leave the lot, or leave the car with me in it.
"All the ways, I think," said Ladybug. There were signs pointing all over the place. Apparently once you run out of lot they just let you spill out anywhere you please, as long as you give them your three bucks per hour. Then it was onto the highway, and on towards Mom's house to rest up for the next two days.


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