Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I Was Wrong

Kurt Warner Super Bowl XXXIV: “Thank you Jesus!”

Dan Rooney Super Bowl XLIII: "I would just like to thank President Obama and all the Steelers nation for supporting us through the years,"

It was good to know that at least one Messiah was going to be thanked at the end of the game.

I passed near the stadium about three hours before kickoff. I saw Steelers fans with signs begging for tickets. Good luck with that guys. Nearby I saw about twenty Guardian Angels, a first for Tampa.

But let’s get back to where I was wrong. NBC managed to restrain themselves from kickoff to final whistle their love for the Obamessiah. The late promo for Matt Lauer’s presidential interview “The president will have home field advantage” got chuckles from those watching with me, as in, "so that makes Matt Lauer a cheerleader?". NBC had no control over Dan Rooney’s remarks.

Springsteen decided to shut up and sing (with apologies to
Laura Ingraham) rather than preach the evils of the last eight years. I appreciate that.

I also appreciate that fact that the game held my attention for four quarters. I was stationed in Germany during the Super Bowl that the Bears won in the mid 1980’s. When that game got out of hand, so did a barracks full of drunk GIs.

But since we are all sober now, I am interested in this non-drinking drinking game that the Nightfly's gang played.

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