Thursday, February 05, 2009

Another reason not to forward chain e-mails.

Especially if you are a Republican.
Florida Republican chairman Jim Greer said Wednesday that longtime Hillsborough state committeewoman Carol Carter may lose her position because of the racial joke she forwarded in an e-mail.

"Carol Carter has been a hard-working, loyal Republican for many years, but this action I have no tolerance for, regardless of the circumstances or intent," a furious Greer said of Carter's e-mail.

Concerning her future, Greer said, "I am currently considering all options, including my authority to remove her from the office of state committeewoman."
I have posted earlier (I can't find it or I would link) on this blog my aversion toward chain emails. This is one reason. Ms Carter is the third Hillsborough County Republican official in the past year to get in trouble for forwarding Pferdkaese they got in their inbox.

And as Republicans they should know that a media that hates them will look for this kind of stuff. I know it's a double standard, but GOPers must be holy, as your Father in heaven is holy.

BTW, I got the email Carter forwarded (not from her) and you probably did too.

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